Two new dresses and new glasses : )

I am really happy that I have found the time to sew two new dresses recently!  I hope to sew a new blouse for myself next week and I will post pictures when I have finished it.  I am pretty set on loving all things 50’s and 60’s.  I bought this first pattern from eBay a while back and have already sewn a dress using it before.  The first time I made it I didn’t realized I had a button-hole foot for my sewing machine and I painstakingly hand sewed each individual button hole.  Thank you Lord for modern technology!

The dress is so cute and comfortable.  I used the pattern for the peter pan collar that goes with my blouse pattern instead of a pointed collar.  I can’t wait to pair this dress with a red cardigan when the weather gets cooler.  You may also notice my new glasses : )  I was having a terrible twitch in my right eye for over a month and I noticed my sight decreasing, so I knew it was time to get glasses.  I found these on eBay and brought them in to have my prescription put in them.  I also bought a second pair for myself on Etsy and to my surprise they fit Berlin!  I was really disappointed that they were child sized (and not disclosed as such on the listing), but I realized that Berlin will love playing dress up with them when she gets bigger, so I decided to keep them anyway.

For my second dress, I had another go at the Megan Nielson Pattern.  I have lost about 20 pounds since I made the first dress and I literally swim in it : )  I will save it in case I have another baby and then later I can always alter it to a smaller size.  As always, I love this dress!  The print is really simple and retro.  I love the added pockets and I used white flower-shaped buttons.


I hope to post more about my newest sewing project next week.  I have a wedding to photograph next weekend and I am very excited!  I also am almost finished with my first homeschooling post.  Look out for this and more in the next couple of weeks.  I will leave you with my cute little ducklings : )

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