American Heritage Girls

Most every other Tuesday I have had the privilege to help lead our local American Heritage Girl Troop.  My group is called the Explorers and they are in the 4th-6th grade.  I have so much fun with them!  We have already earned a lot of badges and we have many fun things planned this year!  We are hoping to earn our Archery badge next month 🙂  One of the badges the girls were interested in doing is a Cake Decorating badge.  We had a Father Daughter Dance planned on the calendar, so we decided to have a sleepover the night before the dance and let the girls decorate a cake to bring to the dance.



The sleep over was a blast (I didn’t actually sleep over, but I left late and came back the next morning).  My friend and one of the mom’s Alison, hosted.  She owns Alison’s Cakery and was an excellent instructor.  Berlin and I were most excited about the fact that they had chickens!  She met one named Faith and Berlin kept calling the chickens “dog”  lol.


The dance was also great!  I did a Photo Booth and Alison’s dad was the DJ.  The girls and their dads decorated frames at the craft table and I am going to print out 4×6’s of their Photo Booth pictures, so they can frame them : )  It was really special for me, because Grey was able to spend time with Berlin at the dance and Nigel got to dance with the “ladies”, as he called them lol.


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