iPhone pics 5.18.13

Here are my most recent iPhone pictures. Some are from our recent trip to Burlington, NC. The kids and I went to Airlie Gardens and saw baby swans! I love my Mom! Nothing make me appreciate her like being a mother myself. And despite needing to go on a diet, I had Grey and the kids take me to Krispy Kreme for our Mother’s Day finale ☺.
I hope that all my mom readers had a great Mother’s Day as well! Grey has been going out of his way to really show he loves me lately and I feel so special!
I also downloaded the A Beautiful Mess iPhone app this week. I haven’t tried their filters yet, but I love the option to add text and boarders to photos. So cute!!
Speaking of cute Berlin and I have matching red heart-shaped glasses now. This is the reason I had a girl ha ha ha!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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