Just Us 12 Times: February

Today was a good day!  I knew that I wanted to make sure to get my challenge photo today and I ended up documenting a simple, but very happy day with my wonderful family.  Barrett and I shot a wedding yesterday and ended up getting home later than we expected.  When we woke up and realized we had overslept our church alarms, we decided to make the best of it and to get some waffles 🙂

We had our fill, shopped a bit and then came home to work on some home improvement projects while Berlin napped.  We spent almost an hour setting up to install some track lighting in our kitchen and then realized that we had an issue with the brackets and needed to go to the home improvement store.

The sun was still shining, we woke up Berlin for a family photo and then took a trip to the park to end the day.  The family photos are so much fun to look at.  Nigel was our official “button presser”  He would push the shutter button and then run to my side to take the photo.  The first time he accidentally kicked the tripod and moved the camera, thus the pole in the shot.  Another favorite is the last time we let Berlin be in charge and she delayed returning and the camera captured us cheering her back to us 🙂  I love it!!!!!

We have had a lot of trials in our almost 6 years of marriage and to have a peaceful day loving on each other and thanking God for every second is absolutely heaven on earth.  This challenge is the best because it forces me to be a part of the moment and in the frame.  Mom’s out there please get in the photo too!

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