Alexis & Garrett’s Wrightsville Manor Wedding Video

Once upon a time there was an adorable girl named Alexis who decided to try Crossfit.  One day while working out a “super cute guy” named Garrett said hi to her.  Fast forward to March of 2017 and that “super cute guy” and the adorable girl tied the knot!  I love hearing how people met.  Sometimes it seems so simple when you hear how just one little spark, someone having the courage to say hello, makes all the difference!  Alexis and Garrett were counting down as they prepared for their wedding and looking forward to many memorable moments.  They wrote letters to each other and both closed their letters saying “no more sleeps”.  No more sleeps to countdown anymore until they would be married and finally live together under one roof.  It’s hard for me to put my finger on what the secret sauce was that made this wedding so special because there is a huge list, but I am going to try.  First of all, Wrightsville Manor will always get big heart eyes from me.  What a perfect venue!  I worship the Spanish moss lined ceremony site and the gorgeous natural light inside.  Alexis’s classic style was executed to perfection with lovely blush and moss tones punctuated by a pair of blush glitter Kate Spade Keds!  They walked down the aisle to songs sung from the heart by a friend and were surrounded by friends and family covering them in prayer.  During the bride and groom solo time, it was beautiful to watch the two of them soak in the reality they were finally married.  To see the love in their eyes and in their embrace was a joy to capture.  There were many tender and heartfelt moments during the reception, but I was overcome with tears when Alexis and Garrett shared their first dance while Alexis’ Dad sang.  Wow!  In summery, I can’t express how happy I am for this amazing couple and I am especially proud to have a hand in helping them remember every moment of their perfect wedding day!  Congratulations Alexis and Garrett!

Alexis & Garrett Wrightsville Manor Wedding Video from Anchored in Love Photo | Video on Vimeo.



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