I am passionate about helping my clients think through every moment of their wedding day and look for ways to pour love and thoughtfulness into their spouse, family, and friends. We have shot over a hundred weddings and at the end of the day, it is the love that the couple showed for each other and their love ones that made the day unforgettable. Let me help you to savor every second!
meet Kelly

Hey there, I'm Kelly! I'm a wedding photographer/videographer based in Wilmington, NC, but I always have my bags ready for a new adventure! Most days you will find me with a cup of tea in my hand, homeschooling my 2 children or learning to play the accordion.  I am deeply in love with my husband of almost 9 years, Barrett, and I can honestly say that the saying is true "The best is yet to come".  I am deeply sentimental and it's my love for memories and my hopeless romantic heart that makes me wake up each day with a huge smile on my face because I get to capture memories for a living!  

People usually refer to me as happy, joyful, friendly, sincere, thoughtful, and tender.  I think that is pretty true!  I love serving my clients by being a friend, a soother of nerves, and a reminder that your life is so extremely special.  I will be as excited about your wedding as you are and will do everything in my power to help you treasure it, cherish it, and relive it through the photos and videos I capture.   

My favorite Things jesus
my husband & kids
my medium format camera
learning to play the accordion
mid century style
thoughtful people
homeschooling my children
meet Barrett

Barrett is the superhero sidekick to Kelly.  Most days you will find him using his genius brain to create bespoke automotive masterpieces for his own company Crown and Crest Customs.  On the weekends he serves as a photographer / videographer for Anchored in Love.  

He is known for his epic shots of flower girls, grandmas, and crying parents and he is crazy talented with a camera.  People usually know Barrett for his British accent, his amazing facial hair, and his unmatched passion for his family.  Kelly also thinks he smells amazing (just saying).  Our faith encourages us to serve and love and we use that motto in every aspect of our lives and work.